2023 Life Logs, Day 156: Gardening and Jonah’s Band Concert
Date: Monday, June 5, 2023
Weather: Windy and Cloudy AM, Some Sun PM; High 58, Low 52 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

If the weather forecast is accurate, today was the last really cool day for a while. Tomorrow’s high will be about 15 degrees warmer than today. I sure hope it feels warmer because I was basically paralyzed by the cold today. Because my doctor has Covid, I had a 9:30 am Zoom annual check-up. As soon as that was over, I called my friend Karen Baranowski as I have been out of communication for days, or has it been weeks? Whatever, it has been too long. When I got off the phone, I fully intended to take Shadow for a short walk and head to my new home (in three to four weeks) to work in the garden there. I got as far as taking Shadow out for a few minutes and I then came back inside to warm up. It was windy and cold outside … not exactly gardening weather. I spent another hour catching up on communications and tried once more. I got no further than the front steps when I turned around and came back inside. I kept this up until 1:30 pm when I decided that I had to make myself go work in that garden. Magically, as I drove into town, the sun came out. It was only partly sunny, but that allowed me to take my coat off and get to work. I got three of the four raised beds ready to plant, installed the drip irrigation in those three beds, planted most of the San Marzano paste tomato plants that I grew from seed, got the cucumber climbing trellis in place, and planted a few more plants I bought at the Master Gardeners’ plant sale a couple of weeks ago. It looks great, but I still have a lot to do. Getting the drip irrigation system hooked up is the next priority. But that will have to wait until Wednesday as I have a full day on my calendar for tomorrow.

Next on the agenda was going home to feed and walk Shadow and getting out of gardening clothes and into concert-going attire. Tonight was Jonah’s band concert, his last for middle school. Next year he will be in the high school band! I can hardly believe it, but both Jonah and Ziggy will be in high school next year. Jed and his mother, whom the kids call Grammy Marti, had a good trip from DC to here and were home in time to have dinner before the concert. In the jazz band, Jonah plays bass guitar and a girl who looks like a reincarnated Beatle plays lead guitar.

The last piece they played was Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4 from the 1970’s, one of Jonah’s favorites to play. Then Jonah joined the regular band playing his trombone. The concert was enjoyed by all and it was great that Grammy Marti could be here.