2023 Life Logs, Day 146: Encore, Boat, Grandkid
Date: Friday, May 26, 2023
Weather: Sunny; High 66, Low 47 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

My day started with a Zoom meeting to discuss an Encore issue. By the time that ended and I took Shadow for a walk, it was 11 am before I got to the boat. That gave me only two hours to apply teak sealer. Not enough time to do I all I needed to do, but at least every bit of wood on the boat has at least one coat of sealer. I will continue that job tomorrow morning.

From the boat, I headed home to pick up Shadow. I have been leaving him so much that I decided to take him with me this afternoon. We picked Sam up at the end of the school day at 2 pm and headed for the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Yarmouth so Sam could present the paperwork to get his Learner’s Permit. I still can’t believe he is old enough to drive, but the RMV says he is. That process was fairly painless, but he still has to pass an online test to get his official Learner’s Permit. Then in order to get his Driver’s License, he has to take a Driver’s Ed course and pass the written test, the driver test, and drive with an adult with him in the car for six months. But at least the process has begun. After the visit at the RMV, I drove Sam to Harwich and dropped him off for rowing practice. While he was rowing, I drove back to Hyannis to get an item we need for the boat that was not available at the Falmouth West Marine. While in Hyannis, I made a quick stop at Whole Foods for two items I desperately needed and can’t get in Falmouth. Then it was back to Harwich to pick up Sam and then home.

That was it for today. Tomorrow, Jed is going to do the traveling to take Jonah to two afternoon soccer games. After I work on the boat in the morning, Ollie and I are going to hang out for part of the afternoon and then pick Sam up from his first day of Driver’s Ed class and head to the boat to do a couple of specific jobs that the boys can help with. Then we’ll fix dinner and have it ready when Jed and Jonah get home around 7 pm. I think Sunday is more of the same. Stay tuned.