2023 Life Logs, Day 124: Gardening on a Cold Day
Date: Thursday, May 4, 2023
Weather: Cloudy, N Wind, Cold; High 49, Low 44 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

The winter coat had to come back out of the closet today. It was cloudy, the wind was from the north, and it was cold. Despite the yucky weather, I drove over to the house on Lakeview, the one I will be moving to the first of July. I went to help set up the garden that Lynda, the owner, and I will be sharing. She is moving to a condo in Falmouth Port where she cannot have a garden, so sharing a garden is a win-win for both of us. This is a new garden site where pine trees have just been removed, but the ivy and lily of valley remained. Lynda had removed the ivy over the weekend and today we removed the lily of the valley, raked and leveled the area, and put down a black fabric weed barrier. This took about two and half hours. We were cold and hungry and decided to call it a day. I went home to have lunch and rest before driving Sam to rowing. When I got home I had a text from Heather saying that rowing practice had been cancelled due to the weather, so I took advantage of the extra time to take a much needed nap. Felt so good when I got up.