2022 Life Logs, Day 328—Happy Turkey Day
Date: Thursday, November 24, 2022
Weather: Sunny AM, Rain PM, Clearing; High 91, Low 75 degrees F
Location: At Home with JJZ&C, Rincon, Puerto Rico

It was a Happy Turkey Day and I hope each of you had a Happy Thanksgiving as well. Here at Finca Maravilla, there was a flurry of getting food ready during the morning. Jo made her delicious pecan pie with a grain-free crust this morning, while I made a pumpkin pie. With Ziggy’s apple pie, we had a trio of pies. Jo got the turkey in the oven, made broth, mashed potatoes, baked pana (breadfruit), and stuffing. Ziggy and I made Granddad’s cranberry salad yesterday and today I got the Brussels sprouts ready to roast. Then the afternoon, I worked with Coco to make her fruit turkey. It was spectacular.

Before doing the fruit turkey, I made one last attempt at clearing downed branches from Hurricane Fiona and cutting down some of the forest of Caesar weed growing. in various places. It is just now in bloom, and I was hoping to get all of it cut down before the burrs come on in full force. It is a beautiful weed with pink blossoms, but it spreads like wildfire. Jo worked on getting more seeds plants, but neither of us got a huge amount done as it was 91 degrees this afternoon.

Thanksgiving dinner was truly a feast. Before we ate, I suggested that we share something for which we were grateful. Coco blew us all away when she said, with great seriousness, “I am thankful for my fingers . . . because I can always count on them.” She loves a good joke and caught us all by surprise with that one! We ate around 4 in the afternoon and then drove to Steps Beach to watch the sunset. It was not spectacular tonight because it was cloudy, but the trip made for a much needed break between dinner and dessert. We heard from Heather and family while we were out. With the hour difference in time, they were just sitting down to dinner while we were watching the sun go down. So, after we got home and had dessert, we had our Skype call. Coco shared many of her Thanksgiving jokes and the Goldpebbles shared some of theirs. I have a feeling when we get together in Vermont in February, everyone will come with a few jokes to share.

Tonight, we played Poetry for Neanderthals. Fun game. Now it is time to get to bed as Justin as I have to get up at 1:45 am to get me to the airport in Aguadilla for a 4 am flight home. Ouch! Hopefully, I will be able to sleep some on the way home. I have had a wonderful visit and look forward to returning, t this same time next year. It was great that Ziggy and Coco didn’t have school this week so we could visit, and the weather was spectacular. I look forward to coming home to my Shadow and the Goldstones, but I am not looking forward to coming back to cold weather.

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