2022 Life Logs, Day 327: PR Day 7 Waterfall, Thanksgiving Prep, Brazilian Grille
Date: Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Weather: Sunny Early, Then Rain; High 86, Low 75 degrees F
Location: At Home with JJZ&C, Rincon, Puerto Rico

Justin and Jo live in the hills above and Aguada. As you drive down out of the hills to Rincon, you have beautiful views of the ocean and when you drive even further up into the hills toward Aguada, you literally feel like you on top of the world. You can look down on the town of Aguada and out to the ocean and up the coast to Aguadilla. We made that drive into the hills today to go to another waterfall that is about a 10 drive from Finca Maravilla. You can see the falls in the distance when you park, and then it is about another 10-minute walk to the bottom of the falls. Jo calls it Salto de la Loco which is its nickname, but it is also called Salto de Atalaya, indicating the barrio of Aguada in which it is located. We walked into the bottom of the falls, then backtracked a bit and did a little climbing to get to the upper falls—not quite to the top. Justin gave me a boost here and there when needed, but I made it up and got to sit in the water to cool off at the top of the world. It was definitely worth the walk to be up high in the falls looking down.

Once back at Finca Maravilla, Ziggy and I launched into a couple of Thanksgiving cooking projects. We made Granddad’s cranberry salad, and I assisted a bit while Ziggy made an apple pie. Jo made the crust for a pecan pie, and I made the crust for a pumpkin pie. We should be all set with pies for Thanksgiving dinner. Coco had an online art class at 6 pm and drew a beautiful pond lily and then we headed to Rincon. We visited the Art Mart on the Plaza, usually a Thursday night affair, but on Wednesday night this week because of Thanksgiving. Then we had dinner at a fairly new Brazilian restaurant in town, Belo Horizonte. The food was fantastic. We might have to do some walking tomorrow to make room for Thanksgiving dinner.

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