2022 Life Logs, Day 325: PR Day 5 Shop ‘til You Drop
Date: Monday, November 21, 2022
Weather: Sunny, High 84, Low 76 degrees F
Location: At Home with JJZ&C, Rincon, Puerto Rico

Since arriving, we have been making a list of the things we need for our Thanksgiving dinner. As long as we were making lists, we added a list for the hardware store and that led to a list for the pet store. We thought that by driving to the Fresh Mart and the hardware in Aguadilla we could get everything on our list, so off we went this morning. Justin stayed home to work, and Ziggy and Coco stayed home to chill since it was the first day of school vacation week. Like on the Cape, due to the never-ending traffic, it takes 25-30 minutes to drive 11 miles. We were going to a particular Ace Hardware in Aguadilla as it is the only store in the area that sells canning jars and lids, and Jo really needed them. Thankfully both cans and lids were in stock today as well as most of the rest of the items on our list. We weren’t as successful at Fresh Mart, but we got what we could, took that home and ate a very ate lunch before heading to the grocery stores closer to home in Rincon. It wasn’t until the third local grocery store that we found a turkey. Hurray! Ziggy really wanted to have turkey for Thanksgiving, and we were about to give up. We even found cranberries so that Ziggy and I can make Granddad’s famous cranberry salad. The only unfortunate thing is that we spent an entire beautiful day shopping. But now our Thanksgiving Day will be complete. Tomorrow is supposed to be another sunny day with no rain, so I’m hoping we get to play outside all day. Maybe the beach, maybe a waterfall, maybe just walking the property here at Finca Maravilla.

PS I forgot to mention in last night’s log that yesterday Justin was successful in booking their flights for our ski week in Vermont in February with the Goldstones. Fantastic!

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