2022 Life Logs, Day 321: Free and Easy First Day in PR
Date: Thursday, November 17, 2022
Weather: Sunny AM, Mixed Sun and Rain PM; High 85, Low 75 degrees F
Location: At Home with JJZ&C, Rincon, Puerto Rico

Jo took Ziggy and Coco to school early this morning and I then had what I call a free and easy day until they returned from school in the afternoon. I sat on the front porch drinking tea, reading, soaking in the view of breadfruit trees, passion fruit vines, assorted tropical plants, went for a walk around the property noting the various kind of plants and trees (of which there are many) and huge banana spiders, went back to the front porch to read some more, had lunch, did a little clean up in the kitchen, watched Justin and Jo working with Hopi, and then read some more. Tough life. Once the kids got home from school, we had an afternoon snack and then I watched Coco and Jo play a card game called Stress. Coco has promised to teach me to play tomorrow. Then Ziggy had a piano lesson at 5 pm. Coco and I decided to go with Justin and Ziggy and go to the Thursday night Art Mart on the plaza afterwards. Unfortunately, Ziggy’s teacher didn’t show up, so we went to the plaza early and the kids looked for friends to hang out with. Justin and I went into a new craft shop and bar just across from the plaza and sat and visited while waiting for the kids (who visited us from time to time). And, of course, I had to buy a new pair of earrings at the Art Mart on the plaza. It is so wonderful to be here with no agenda other than just hanging out and visiting.

Tonight, we had lobster tail, asparagus, corn cakes, and salad for dinner. What a feast! And after dinner Coco and Justin performed magic card tricks and Coco told some of her hilarious jokes. Now we are all turning in a little early. Tomorrow morning, we all get up and go to school with Ziggy and Coco. It is the last day of school until after Thanksgiving and they are having a traditional Puerto Rican lunch and the kids will be selling the products of their entrepreneurial businesses. Then tomorrow night we are going out for our traditional sushi dinner. Yummm!

I wish you could hear the chorus of Puerto Rico’s coquis as I sit here writing my log. These little frogs have the most delightful call. It sounds like they are saying coqui (co-KEY) over and over and it can be mesmerizing. However, I am not looking forward to the call of the rooster in the morning. At 6:50 am today, right outside my window, he bolted out the most blood curdling cock-a-doodle-doo I have ever heard. Not the calmest wake-up I have ever had.

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