2022 Life Logs, Day 319: Shadow with the Goldstones
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2022
Weather: Sunny AM, Cloudy PM; High 45, Low 40 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Interesting day. I took my car to Hyannis early to have a flange in the exhaust system replaced. I was told by the garage that changed my oil last week that this was a problem. Well, that was not a problem. The problem was the exhaust smell in the car and the rumbling noise, both of which appeared immediately after the oil change. The young man this morning put the car up on a lift and then called me out to the garage. He showed me the flange was a bit rough but said it probably has two more years of service. But he pointed to oil dripping from the bottom of my car. I told him the garage that changed my oil last Tuesday didn’t mention an oil leak. And that statement caused a light bulb to go off for him. He lowered the car and opened the hood telling me that he thought they had forgotten to put the oil cap back on after changing the oil. Sure enough. The oil cap was laying in the engine area. He checked the oil, put the cap on, and sent me home. No more smell. No more rumbling noise. Problem solved.

When I got home, I somehow managed to spend the entire day doing nothing. I thought I was going to be driving to Boston to pick up Heather, but her return trip home has been delayed. I had a nice walk with Shadow, checked in for tomorrow’s flight, did a few last minute things to get ready to leave, and all of a sudden it is evening. I am delivering to Shadow to Jed and boys after dinner. Then I’ll come back to a very lonely home without my Shadow and read myself to sleep. I sure am going to miss my little guy. But my this time tomorrow, I’ll be with another one of my very favorite guys. Justin and I will be driving home to Rincon from the airport in San Juan. Jo and the kids are staying home and will have dinner ready for us when we arrive around 8 pm. Can’t wait!

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