2022 Life Logs, Day 271: Not ‘Back to Normal Life’ As Hoped
Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Weather: Mostly Sunny; High 69, Low 52 degrees
Location: At Home in the Cottage, Falmouth, MA

Last night I declared I was done with Covid and hoping for a ‘back to normal day’ today. That didn’t happen. Even though it is day eight, I still have lingering Covid symptoms. Very slowly the congestion is clearing, but it is the exhaustion that just doesn’t go away. I did try to take Shadow for a walk, but I didn’t get very far before turning around and heading home. But Covid was not the real reason that it was not a normal day.

I started my day by calling the hospital to check on my sister’s condition. I was assured that she was doing fine and would be released today. Then I got a text from my nephew Tommy who was spending his morning in Patsy’s hospital room. He had just gotten word that my niece Jennifer passed during the night. Of course, we were expecting this at some point, but that doesn’t lesson the blow. The rest of the morning was spent on the phone with family trying to decide the best way to tell my sister. Losing a child has got to be the hardest thing a parent can go through. Who was going to tell her? When were we going to tell her? Who was going to spend the night with her? She did come home mid-afternoon and her son-in-law and granddaughter came to her apartment to tell her. She took it stoically and when I talked to her tonight, she sounded good. Her sister-in-law, another Judy, came to spend the night with her. She is well taken care of. I will not fly down to be with her for a few days until I am free of Covid symptoms. I surely don’t want to fly while still congested.

I also spent a good deal of today watching the progress of Ian on the Weather Channel. My friend Jane Wooden stopped by to make a special delivery of printer paper for me (Thank you, Jane!) and we sat in the sunshine and talked about friends and family in Florida. I heard tonight that Mark’s nephew Danny in Naples is fine and his nieces Kristi and Stacey and families in Cape Coral are also safe. They were all in areas that were very hard hit, so I was very worried. When I heard that Ian made landfall at Caya Costa, it brought back so many memories. Caya Costa is a small state park on a barrier island just north of Sanibel and Captiva. It has been described as a wild beach on a remote island. Mark and I borrowed his dad’s little motorboat and spent our honeymoon anchored off Caya Costa . . . a beautiful spot in this world. But evidently a spot hurricanes like. Hurricane Charley in 2004 made landfall in almost the same exact spot.

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