2022 Life Logs, Day 261–Puerto Rico, Soccer, NYC, Forge in the Driveway
Date: Sunday, September 18, 2022
Weather: Beautiful, Sunny Day; High 76, Low 62 degrees
Location: At Home in the Cottage, Falmouth, MA

I spent my entire morning nailing down flights to Puerto Rico and home in November. The flight to Puerto Rico I wanted was no longer available and all the flight costs have increased since I started looking into this earlier in the week. I basically had to start from scratch and be creative. I booked two one-way flights to get as close to what I wanted as possible. Just as I sent the email to Justin and Jo, the phone rang. It was Justin, but it was not about the email I had just sent. It was his attempt to convince me that I didn’t need to worry about them as Hurricane Fiona was descending upon the island. They lost electricity momentarily while we were talking, and our call abruptly ended. Justin did call back. He wanted me know that they might not be able to contact me for a few days, but that he will call as soon as he can. After we hung up, I found out Fiona had strengthened to a Category 2 hurricane, but it is the rain, not the wind, that looks like it will be the biggest problem. Hope with me that all will be okay. I know Justin said not to worry, but that is just not possible.

After getting off the phone with Justin, it was time to take Shadow out for a little exercise before leaving for the afternoon. We played ball in the driveway, then I drove into town to pick up the Goldpebbles. When I arrived, they had their new forge up and running in the driveway. It is run on propane and works quite well. But it was time for us to head to drive the hour to the Monomoy High soccer fields for Jonah’s game. Jed promised they could continue when we got home, so off we went. We dropped off Jonah for pregame warm up and Sam, Ollie, and I walked across the street to the Harwich Harvest Festival. Right inside the gate, supporters of the Long Pond Rowing Club were selling shirts and had an erg on display. Sam couldn’t keep himself from getting on the erg and doing a bit of a workout. We walked around to see the arts and crafts on display and all three of us enjoyed the woodworking items the most. Then, it was off the to game which Jonah’s team won 3-1.

We stopped in Hyannis to get hamburgers at Five Guys for dinner and then headed back to 43 Grasmere where the forging continued. And when I drove into my driveway, I got a text from Heather saying she was at Wicked on Broadway. Lucky one! The Climate Week activities start tomorrow, so she was enjoying a bit of New York City tonight. Thankfully she is still testing negative for Covid.

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