2022 Life Logs, Day 256: Book Club, Rowing, and Life Stuff
Date: Monday, September 13, 2022
Weather: Another Rainy Day; High 74, Low 63 degrees
Location: At Home in the Cottage, Falmouth, MA

My 11 am book club meeting lasted much longer than usual as we were choosing books for the next four months. We have some great books on the agenda for the next year, but we decided to alternate shorter versus longer books for the next four months. One member suggested a book named ‘My Sister the Serial Killer’—certainly, if the title is any indication of the substance of the book, not a book we would normally choose. But it is short and we were intrigued by the title. So that is October’s book. A book that I have already read, ‘A Long of the Sea’, a wonderful book by Isabel Allende won the honors for November. Then another shorter book, ‘Love and Saffron’ made the list for December. In January our book will be ‘Lessons in Chemistry’. It was the number one suggestion made by three of the seven of us in attendance today. I read it recently and highly recommend it. My reading agenda is set for the next few months.

By the time I got home, had lunch, and did a little ‘life stuff’, it was time to head to Heather and Jed’s to pick up Sam and take him to Harwich to row. The pouring rain and thunderstorms had ended, so rowing was on for this evening. I take Shadow with me, and we spend part of the two hours that Sam is rowing, walking, and playing ball. I got home after 8 pm and picked up where I left off doing a little ‘life stuff’. In this case, ‘life stuff’ references dealing with my sister’s affairs. Right now, I am spending an hour or two every day dealing with various issues. Tonight, it was talking to William, the owner of Home Helpers in Mooresville, North Carolina, to discuss how things went for my sister during her first week of having a companion four hours every day. It was a week in review via phone. We had a few hiccups during the first week, but overall, things are going along just fine. Hopefully, if we do things right, at some point in the near future, I will not have to spend so much time each day dealing with this.

Tomorrow looks like more of the same. I have to deal with my sister’s physicians tomorrow, help lead a Newcomers Field Trip Group annual planning meeting, and possibly be on duty to take Sam to Harwich for rowing again. Tomorrow night should be Jed’s night, but he is out of commission right now. He had some sniffles on Sunday but went ahead and had his Covid booster on Sunday evening. He woke up on Monday with a fever and severe body aches and pains that have continued. He tests negative for Covid, so it is either a respiratory infection or a strong response to the booster. Everyone else in the family had the booster on Sunday evening and thankfully they are all fine. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow.

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