2022 Life Logs, Day 255: Moving from Summer Life to Normal Life
Date: Monday, September 12, 2022
Weather: Rainy Day; High 72, Low 67 degrees
Location: At Home in the Cottage, Falmouth, MA

Today was spent slowly making the move from summer life to normal (the rest of the year) life. But what is normal? Today it included a trip to the chiropractor, time spent processing paperwork to get my sister a new primary care physician, hosting lunch for a friend, and the five-hour stint taking Sam to and from rowing. I did a little exploring while Sam was rowing and found that there is a little general store a mile from where he rows and where the Cape Cod Rail Trail (bike trail) crosses the road. While Sam rows, I’m excited to walk the trail with Shadow and to also do some biking. Tonight, I spent some time looking into the possibility of a fall trip to Puerto Rico to spend a few days with Justin, Jo, Ziggy, and Coco. So, I guess all of this is ‘normal’ life!

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