2022 Life Logs, Day 210: Travels Hither and Yon
Date: Friday, July 29, 2022
Weather: Partly Sunny and Humid, Still a Nice Breeze; High 88, Low 69 degrees
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Today was a take-it-easy day, in preparation for a few days of traveling hither and yon. I drove into town to say goodbye to Heather, Jed, Ollie, and Jonah. They left this afternoon for an overnight trip to Vermont. Heather’s good friends from her high school days at St. Paul’s School are gathering this weekend. It is the first time in years that all of them could make it, so she really wanted to go. They will return tomorrow afternoon and then leave again on Sunday for Maine after they get Sam and Jonah off for a week at Scout camp. Heather, Jed, and Ollie will launch Eider on Monday and sail her to Boothbay. Once they get the boat settled in Boothbay, they will return here for the weekend and pick up Sam and Ollie from camp. Then all of them return to Maine for a couple of days at Grammy Marti’s and then all of them will sail Eider to Buzzards Bay.

While they are doing all of this, I have made spur of the moment plans to fly to Charlotte, North Carolina. I leave on Sunday, day after tomorrow, and will return the next Saturday. My niece who lives in the Charlotte area has cancer and is no longer able to assist her mother, my sister, with her financial and medical affairs. My sister is 89 and lives alone in an assisted living facility. My niece is only 62 years-old and it is devastating watching her battle the dreaded ‘C’ disease. She had to have emergency brain surgery about three weeks ago, was sent home, had to return to the hospital, and is now back home again. But she is not able to walk and has to have round-the-clock assistance. So, this is not a happy trip. I just hope it will be a productive one.

I did have a happy evening with Sam. Since he works, he was not able to go to Vermont with the rest of the family. I bought sushi for us to have for dinner after he got home from work and then left him to spend the night alone. I could hardly do this, but he is growing up, and I have to accept that. But it really does seem just like yesterday that he came to Thailand with his parents to visit Oma and Granddad aboard Windbird for his second birthday. One of my most precious life memories is from that trip. During his time aboard Windbird, he decided that he was captain. We were out in the dinghy and Sam thought Granddad, the real captain, was going the wrong way. Granddad let him take over the helm and I got the photo of him pointing the way for his Granddad. That’s our Sam!

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