2022 Life Logs, Day 178: Another Birthday . . . Happy 97th to Shirley
Date: Monday, June 27, 2022
Weather: Overcast, Rain Tonight; High 74, Low 60 degrees
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Shirley Wiedemann is the woman who owns the cottage I rent, and over the past four years, she has become a dear friend. Tomorrow is her 97th birthday. My friend Karen Baranowski is Shirley’s niece, and we decided that we would love to take lunch to her in Scituate where she is presently living with her 103-year-old sister, Doris. Peter went with us and we provided a lunch of lobster rolls, French pea salad with watermelon, and chocolate pudding pie for dessert. When we arrived, Shirley was deep into a Nora Roberts novel. I love that she is still an avid reader and that her mind belies her 97 years. Happy Birthday, Shirley!!!

When I got home, I took Shadow for a walk and then took Sam to Corner Cycle as a customer rather than an employee. The shirt I gave him for his Big Brother birthday gift was too small and he asked if he could get bike shorts instead of a shirt. That was fine with me and with his employee discount we got a great deal on the shorts. Tomorrow morning Sam has his last final and afterwards we will take off for Boston. I am taking him to South Station to catch the bus to Damariscotta which is near Boothbay. Grammie Marty will pick him up there and he will spend two days in Maine and take the bus back to Boston on Friday as he works both days of the weekend. The rest of the Goldstones will head to Maine on Thursday and return on Sunday. We are entering a new era with a working teenager. I am so proud of Sam for taking the initiative to get a job and still find ways to visit with family.

I finished my evening with a phone call with friend Lynne Kirwin who arrived in this country from New Zealand last week. She visited with family and friends in California and then flew to Michigan where she will spend the summer with family. But I learned tonight that she will be coming for a short visit on Cape Cod in late July. It has been almost three years since I have seen her, so I can’t wait.

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