2022 Life Logs, Day 169: Celebration in Falmouth
Date: Saturday, June 18, 2022
Weather: Mostly Sunny, Turning Cooler; High 71, Low 51 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

There is one thing Falmouth really knows how to do and that is celebrate. Downtown today was one big celebration. Arts Alive, a showcase of all the arts, was on display on Main Street today. Mullen Hall, the downtown elementary school was having its end-of-school-year carnival. And further down Main Street, St. Barnabus Episcopal Church was having its annual Strawberry Festival featuring lobster rolls, barbecue of all sorts, and strawberry shortcake. We had one little snag, however. Ollie was supposed to play violin as part of Arts Alive this morning, but he coughed all night and hardly slept. He tests negative for Covid, so he probably just has a cold, but Heather didn’t want to chance passing this to others by having him play with Sonnay Fiddlers inside a tent. Eventually, we did all go downtown, but Ollie stayed masked in hopes of not spreading the cold. Despite not getting much sleep last night, he was feeling okay and we had a great day welcoming summer to Falmouth. The weather, however, did not get the message that summer arrives on Tuesday morning. The high today was 71 degrees F, but the wind from the north felt cool. Tomorrow the high will be 60 degrees. That is going to feel downright cold!

Tomorrow Heather and Jed leave for Boothbay, ME, and then on to Brooklin, ME on Monday morning for the survey and sea trial of Eider. Ollie will stay with me tomorrow afternoon and night, and on Monday morning we will drive to Yarmouth to pick Sam and Jonah up at Camp Greenough at the end of their weekend biking adventure. Then on Monday afternoon, the Goldpebbles and I will host my dining-in group on the Goldstone’s back deck. Heather and Jed hope to be home by midnight on Monday night and out the door early on Tuesday morning for Ollie’s end-of-year school assembly. Whew! We are moving in the fast lane these days.

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