2022 Life Logs, Day 166: Oh, That Strawberry Full Moon
Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Weather: Sunny with Puffy White Clouds; High 72, Low 55 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Last night after I wrote and sent my log out, I went outside with Shadow for his last pee break of the day. As I walked out the door, I stopped dead in my tracks. That Strawberry Full Moon looked huge hanging in the sky in front of me. Beautiful!

Today was a driving day. Shadow and I left home at 9:50 am to go pick up Heather and take her to the train station in Providence about an hour and 15 minutes from here. Our plan was to leave at 10:20 am, getting us to the train station about 15 minutes prior to Heather’s train to NYC. Before I got to her house, she texted that Sullivan Tire had contacted Jed and said her car was ready. Once I picked her up, we thought there was time for me to take her Sullivan so she could drive herself to Providence. But there was so much traffic in town, we decided against it. We had not built in the time for her to park and get to the gate. I think I am still in shock from getting to the airport too late to check my baggage for my trip to Virginia, so I insisted on driving her.

After dropping Heather at the train station, I headed to a West Marine in Seekonk, a little town just off the highway on the way home. I wanted to see a dinghy they had on display and there is not one at our Falmouth West Marine. I was glad I stopped because it is not a dinghy I would recommend anyone buying. I no sooner got back in the car and headed back toward the highway when I got a call from Jed. He desperately needed dry ice for an experiment he was running and the closest place to Cape Cod to get the dry ice happens to be on the way home from Providence, just north of Fall River. The dry ice was supposed to be delivered to WHOI yesterday, but there was a shipping problem. Stopping to pick it up was a little out of the way for me, but I was glad to do it. By the time I picked up the dry ice, took Shadow for a little walk, and drove back to the Cape and on down to Woods Hole, it was 2 pm. Jed was behind on his experiment schedule since he was waiting for the dry ice, so I offered to hang out in Falmouth and pick Ollie up from school at 3:30 pm. And then I offered to wait until Jed got home from work and take him to Sullivan Tire to pick up the car. By the time I got home it was 5 pm and I was exhausted. I am not sure why I am so tired. Tomorrow I’m just going to sit at my computer all day and search for a dinghy for Heather and Jed. If sitting still all day makes me tired, I’m going to get worried that something is really wrong. Hopefully a quiet day will solve the problem.

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