2022 Life Logs, Day 133: Incredibly Unmotivated
Date: Friday, May 13, 2022
Weather: Sunshine in the Afternoon; High 67, Low 55 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Today was a repeat of yesterday, weatherwise—a warm, cloudy morning and a sunny afternoon. The north wind is gone for now. And that is all good. But for whatever reason, I am having difficulty getting motivated to do much of anything. Earlier this week, I made a TO DO list with thirty items. Only six of those items were outside chores, but guess where I have spent my time? Yes, outdoors. I am doing a great job of ignoring the inside cleaning jobs. And I have only marked two outdoor chores off the list and am working on a third. Maybe motivation will come my way tomorrow.

Since I was not motivated to actually get anything done, I spent two hours of today driving off-Cape to return an item I had bought (and ended up not needing) for the trip to Puerto Rico. And I went to the nursery and bought bags of organic soil for raised beds to rejuvenate my gardens. That was the extent of my day. But I did receive a video from Heather this evening that made my day. Tonight was a mother-son dance at Ollie’s school. He refused to go because he thought it was silly that just moms and sons were allowed to attend. Why couldn’t dads attend? What about the boys who don’t have mothers? Why couldn’t girls come with their moms? The questions went on, so Heather did not push going. Instead, they had a mom, dad, and son dance at home. Sam and Jonah are on Nantucket camping this weekend, so Ollie had his parents all to himself. And dance, he did. The video Heather sent was a fantastic Ollie solo. He is quite an impressive dancer.

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