2021 Life Logs, Day 330: Fabulous Fun Friday Family Feast
Date: Friday, November 26, 2021
Weather: Overcast, Rainy, Windy; High Temp 47, Low Temp 30 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

This afternoon my family had what the grandkids called a fabulous, fun, Friday family feast in lieu of having a Thanksgiving meal yesterday. For us, this was our day of giving thanks and feasting. All ten of us made contributions to the dinner and all ten of us enjoyed it. Of course, we all ate too much, but that is the definition of a feast. Right? Heather and Jed provided the turkey and Jed was in charge of the bird. I stayed home until mid-afternoon preparing the mashed potatoes, stuffing, a green bean and mushroom casserole, and pumpkin pies. I made Mark’s traditional cranberry salad earlier this week. Ziggy helped Jo make a pecan and an apple pie, while Heather prepared Brussels sprouts hash, mashed squash, gravy, and chocolate pudding for the kids who are not pie eaters. Justin helped the kids use my juicer to make apple cranberry juice and helped Jo with the grain free stuffing. Jonah was in charge of making ‘acorns’ from chocolate kisses and mini-Nilla Wafers with the help of his cousins. And Sam sharpened the knife for carving the turkey. Despite the fact that we absolutely had too much food, we enjoyed every bit of it. One of the very special things about the dinner happened as an impromptu event. Just as we all sat down, there was impromptu symphony of sounds coming from everyone running their index finger around the rim of their wine glasses filled with the cranapple juice the kids had made earlier in the afternoon. It was a beautiful moment.

There was only one little disaster. For months, Ollie has been anxiously waiting to enjoy a turkey leg. He had barely started eating it when Shadow stole it off his plate. Ollie was devastated and I felt terrible. All those frustrations I have had over the past few months with myself for not being able to train this dog properly came rushing down on me. He is certainly not ready for prime time, so I carted him home after dinner and then returned for dessert. But other than that incident, it was a fabulous feast.

It was rainy, windy, and cold today and tomorrow will be even colder. But we are going to brave the cold and head to the Outer Cape to see the seals and walk in the white cedar swamp. When we return, we are having sushi from Homeport Sushi for dinner. No cooking. Hurray!

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