2021 Life Logs, Day 328: A Fun Family Walk
Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2021
Weather: Sunny and Cold; High Temp 42, Low Temp 31 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

What a delightful day. First thing this morning, Justin and I headed to Plymouth to visit Plimoth Violin. Justin’s violin of many years was in dire need of repairs, so he brought it with him, and I found Hollis, the owner of Plimoth Violin who said he could repair it while Justin is here. Hollis makes and repairs violins and Justin had a good time trying out different violins. In the end, he decided he wanted his old one repaired, so we left it and will pick it up on Tuesday on our way to the airport in Boston. Being in Plymouth gave Justin and I chance to check out the venue for the Day of Mourning for the indigenous people of Massachusetts that we will be attending tomorrow. No turkey for us until Friday. But if you are observing ‘Turkey’ Day, I hope you enjoy friends, family, and food.

By the time we returned to Family Central, that would be Heather and Jed’s, it was time for a lunch of soup and salad and quesadillas for kids. Coco and I then went to pick up Shadow for a late afternoon family walk. We met the rest of the gang at Peterson Farm and walked the ridge, successfully found a geocache which was a little journal in which Ollie and Coco wrote notes. We returned to our cars just as the sun was going down. We then did a hurry up drive through Woods Hole and out to Nobska Lighthouse where we crossed the road and climbed down the rocks to the water’s edge. The sunset was nice, not spectacular, but still beautiful and we enjoyed every minute of light as we walked on the boulders along the shoreline to finally climb back up a steep incline taking us back to the lighthouse. I had Sam assisting me from the front and Justin from the back in order to climb that steep hill, but I made it. The walk though Beebee Woods and views on the walk along the water gave us all a renewed appreciation of the beauty of Cape Cod.

I just tucked Coco into bed and Shadow is keeping watch over her. She decided she wanted to do an overnight at Oma’s. When we got to the cottage, we went down to the basement and played table shuffleboard and got a doll and a couple of stuffed friends to bring upstairs with us. Then we started a new puzzle and read together until lights out. It is so special to spend some quiet time with my only granddaughter. There’s not a lot of quiet time with the four grandsons, but they seem to be having a wonderful, wild time together.

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