2021 Life Logs, Day 293: Bath Day for Shadow
Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Weather: Sunny and Warm; High Temp 71, Low Temp 55 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

As planned, I spent a great deal of my day bathing and grooming Shadow. He doesn’t look like he does when he comes home from Pampered Paws, but he is clean. With a little more brushing, he will look just fine, and I will have saved the $80 to $90 the groomer charges. So I’ll call that a productive day.

Tomorrow morning, I am off to Truro on the Outer Cape to see the seals at High Head Beach. Two other women from the Newcomers Singles Group are going with me. I don’t know them, but I look forward to having company on this trip. The weather forecast is encouraging. Sunshine and a high temperature on 70 degrees like today. Tomorrow evening I am having an informal dinner with Bruce and Jane Wooden. Jane has knee replacement surgery on Tuesday and tomorrow evening is my last chance to see her to wish her luck.

Then on Friday morning, Shadow and I head to New Hampshire for an overnight stay. I’m hoping there are still colorful leaves on the trees there, but I might be too late. We never really get a very colorful fall here, but this year even the oak tree leaves are not turning brown. They are still a bright green.

Lastly, I just heard Senator Angus King, a long time Independent from Maine and a politician I have always respected, say something that literally brought tears to my eyes. He said he see our democracy in its most fragile state since 1860. Lots of people have been saying that for months and I believe that is true, but it really hit hard to him say this. He feels we have to do something to protect voting rights as the Republications are not even willing to discuss it. I really don’t know what each of us can do, but I know we all have to wake up, face the dire truth of the situation, and find a way to do something.

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