2018 Life Logs, Day 46—Continued Phone and Computer Issues
Date: Thursday, February 15, 2018
Weather: Overcast and Foggy; High 43, Low 40 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

This computer issue story is getting old. I’m tired of living through it and I know you must be tired of reading about it. So, I’ll give an update here and not mention it again until it is resolved. I started my day at the gym and when I left there, I went directly to the AT&T store to have them help me with my phone. Day before yesterday, I stopped getting emails on my phone because my storage was full. My phone has minimal storage, but the young woman at AT&T was able to help me delete enough things to allow the email to come through again. I never knew that I should be deleting text messages and phone calls. I guess I assumed those were kept for a period of time and then magically deleted. But not so. I need to do that. In the early afternoon, Heather met me at the computer repair shop to help ask the right questions about what is happening with Google Drive. Even the computer guy is not sure, but what he thinks is happening now is that everything on my computer is being uploaded or synced with the Google Cloud for a second time. He thinks it got confused because their shop uninstalled and then reinstalled Google Drive last Saturday to solve the issue of Google putting files in the recycle bin. Basically, he suggested that I just continue to keep my computer on 24-hours a day until Google has done its thing. Then we’ll assess and see where we are. Thank you, Heather, for taking time to come to help me understand what is happening. Once I got the computer back home, I noticed the uploading was slowing down, but I had to leave to pick Jonah and Ollie up from school and then go to a Women in Newcomers dinner out. When I got come, I called Comcast and got a very helpful young man who taught me how to go on the web and check the speed of my uploads and downloads. They, indeed, were not as fast as they should be. So, he reset my modem and then taught me how to do this. At the end of our phone working session, we had my internet speed considerably faster. Now I just have to be patient and hope for a successful conclusion. At least I have the Olympics to watch while I am waiting.