2018 Life Logs, Day 4—Goodbye Christmas
Date: Thursday, January 4, 2018
Weather: Sunny, Back to Cold; High 26, Low 11 degrees F
Location: At Home with Patsy and Joe in Mt. Juliet, TN

Today was spent putting Christmas decorations away. And that is no easy task here. My sister loves her Christmas decorations, so they are everywhere—Christmas towels, Christmas coasters, Christmas decorations in the bathrooms, Christmas decorations on every surface and in every cabinet with a glass front, and a Christmas tree with a life’s worth of special ornaments. But somehow she got it all packed up and stored away today. I helped by bringing boxes in from the garage for her to pack, but I dared not pack anything as she has a special way of packing each item. Tomorrow I’ll have to figure out how to help her pack up the Christmas tree and then we’ll be done with that job.

We kept getting news reports here about how terrible the weather was today in Massachusetts, but reports from Cape Cod told me they got wind and rain, but no snow. But snow or no snow, the next two days at home look fiercely cold. Thankfully, it still looks like things warm up a bit on Monday for my return. I’m definitely hoping for that. Otherwise, my little Honda Fit that has been sitting in the Park ‘n Ride lot for two weeks might be frozen in place.

In addition to helping with the putting away of Christmas today, I also did a lot of online research into dietary recommendations for a person with advancing chronic kidney disease. My brother-in-law Joe has this condition, but somehow none of were aware of this until I stumbled upon some reports from his doctor. He has many other health issues, but this addition threw us all for a loop. Changing your diet to try and prevent dialysis is very important, so I am trying to help my sister figure this out. It is not easy as many things that you would normally eat to be healthy are restricted when your kidneys are not working properly. Many of the foods I have been encouraging him to eat are now on the ‘no-no’ list. So I am researching and learning this as fast as I can. I’m hoping to leave my sister with a food game plan for Joe.