2018 Life Logs, Day 38—Weird Day
Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Weather: Overcast and Rainy; High 53, Low 24 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

This whole day was just a little weird. I’ll start with the weather. It was cold and rainy this morning when I went to the gym and it was still that way when I headed to Heather’s in the late afternoon. Heather had an all evening PTO meeting and Jed was headed to Boston to fly to North Carolina. So, I fixed dinner for the boys and put them to bed. Between dinner and bed, we turned the kitchen into an Olympic speed skating rink. I showed the boys how to use paper towels under their stocking feet to make the floor slippery and away we skated. And before dinner the boys entertained me with the remnants of dry ice Jed had brought home for them yesterday. They well know what happens when you add water to dry ice, but tonight’s experiment dealt with what happens when you add liquid detergent to that mix. They thought it would make a bubbly mixture, but they didn’t expect that the liquid dish detergent would solidify like a bar of soap. I always enjoy their inquisitive minds. By the time Heather got home, the boys were in bed. She went up to say her good nights and I snuck out the front door. I was shocked at how warm it was outside. The high temp for today was 53, but that didn’t happen until tonight. The high for tomorrow will be 32 degrees F, so by morning it will be freezing again. Just weird.

The next weird thing that happened today has to do with technology. I kept getting these strange messages from Facebook friends on my phone, but then I realized that they were really messages from mutual friends of Mark. Something is going on with his Facebook account and I have put out a call for help to Heather and Justin. But at the same time, I was having weird things happening on my computer. I was working with photos and accidentally deleted a photo. I went to the Recycle Bin to retrieve the photo and found that there were hundred of photos there that had been deleted today. I spent a lot of time dealing with that and thought I had it all straightened out. But when I got home from Heather’s tonight, I found my Recycle Bin once again full of hundreds of my photos. Thankfully I have back-ups of most everything, but I am going to need help in figuring out what is happening.

I will start tomorrow morning by attending a Newcomers monthly meeting and I’m pretty sure that won’t be weird. So I’ll have a little reprieve. The meeting will take all morning and then I will head home to work on the ‘technical difficulties’ that arose today. Back to weird. But none of the weird things that happened today touch a candle to what is happening in Washington. I keep hearing the same refrain playing inside my head. “May you live in the most interesting of times.” I just never wanted that refrain to refer to my government. I’d really like that to be normal, not ‘interesting’!