2018 Life Logs, Day 28—Indoor Soccer and Loving Vincent
Date: Sunday, January 28, 2018
Weather: Sunny, Warmer and Windy; High 51, Low 42 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

This afternoon I went to see Jonah play soccer and like last week, he scored three goals and his team won. It is such a joy to watch him play because he puts his heart and soul into and gets so excited when his team makes a goal. Jed was the coach today, but after the game I offered to take Jonah home, pick up Sam, and bring him back for his game at 4pm while Jed went to do the weekly grocery shopping. I got to watch Sam play half his game and got to see him make a goal before I had to leave. Good job, Sam and Jonah!

Then I was off to have an early dinner with a friend from Newcomers before we both went to the Cotuit Center for the Arts to see the most unusual film I have ever seen, “Loving Vincent.” “Loving Vincent”, as in Vincent van Gogh, advertises itself as the first-ever fully painted feature film. In the tradition of van Gogh’s bold impressionistic brushstrokes, what you see on the screen is an account of the final weeks of his life with beautiful renderings of the French countryside and characters portraying his real-life acquaintances. Visually, the entire film looks like an animated van Gogh painting. His sunflowers, his wheatfield with crows, his starry, starry night, and so many other of his most famous works are woven throughout and it was not until half-way though the film that I realized that the painted, animated characters were not straight out of his paintings, but were the painted faces of real actors. It was when I saw Eleanor Tomlinson, Dezmelda from Masterpiece Theater’s Poldark series, as one of the painted characters that I could wrap my head around how this was done. It was a visual treat and a very powerful film. I’ve certainly never seen anything like it before. And it was fun to meet up with friend Olga Mitchell and friends and to attend with Margaret Souza.