2018 Life Logs, Day 152—Overnight Trip to New Hampshire
Date: Friday, June 1, 2018
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Some Sprinkles, Hot and Humid; High 84, Low 67 F
Location: Courtyard Marriott, Nashua, NH

Today I traveled to New Hampshire via Boston. Heather and I were going to drive to Boston together to pick up Orsi Gorgenyi as I explained in last night’s log. But after posting the log, I realized that I could take the bus to Boston and get there in time to take Orsi out to lunch. That would give me a little more time to visit, so that I what I did. It was wonderful to see Orsi after so many years. Just before she left Hungary, her mother gave her all the letters she had sent home during her year as a student at St. Paul’s. They included many details that both of us had forgotten and it was fun to reminisce. Heather arrived at 3 pm and we headed immediately for Concord, New Hampshire. The two of them were to be at a 25th Anniversary reception at St. Paul’s School at 6 pm. There was a ton of traffic, but we made it to Concord in time for Orsi to check into her hotel and meet up with a number of friends who were staying in the same place. We had hoped to get to St. Paul’s School (SPS) in time to walk around the campus together, but we got there with just a couple of minutes to spare, so we took some quick photos on the Chapel lawn before they had to go to the reception and I had to scurry south of Concord to Manchester where I was having dinner with my Detta Porat. I took time for a quick drive around SPS before heading to Manchester and was reminded of what a beautiful campus it is. The sun was always in the wrong place for me to take quick photos out the car window, but I did get a shot of my very favorite building on campus. Then I was off for Manchester. I had called Detta at the last minute in hopes that she might be available for dinner and I was delighted that she was. She gave me a couple of suggestions for restaurants and I chose the Mint Bistro. It did not disappoint, and Detta and I had a fun evening together just catching up. Then I drove further south to Nashua, New Hampshire, where I had reserved a room at the Courtyard Marriott. Friends were bringing Heather, so I got settled in the room and checked my email for the first time today. When I saw a Facebook reminder that today was Detta’s birthday, I felt so awful that I didn’t know that. There is no real way to apologize for such an oversight. Detta is so thoughtful and always remembers birthdays and all special events. Apologies, apologies, apologies, Detta. I now have your birthday imprinted in my brain and will never forget again. But lucky me for getting to spend the evening with Detta. That is always a gift. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!