2018 Life Logs, Day 104—The Joy of Warmth and Sunshine
Date: Saturday, April 14, 2018
Weather: One Day of Spring; High Temp 56, Low 35 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Today was a beautiful day, in many ways, but the joy of warmth and sunshine certainly topped the list. We have had some sunny days recently, but as soon as you step out the door, you realize the sunshine is deceptive and that, yes, you really need to keep wearing your winter jacket. This morning the temperature was not much different than other sunny days, but when I stepped out the door with my winter jacket on, I had to step right back inside and take it off. It actually felt like spring outside. Hurray! The joy is short-lived as tomorrow we plunge back into winter, but today was wonderful.

I spent a great deal of today at the cottage that will soon be my new home . . . measuring, thinking, reflecting, measuring some more. I’m still reeling from the unbelievable luck of the offer to rent the cottage. I mention to a group of friends that I would love to continue to live near the water but not pay as much for rent. One of those friends realizes that her aunt has an empty cottage that might work for me and contacts the aunt to see if she is willing to sell or buy. I am invited to meet the aunt and she decides she would be willing to rent the cottage to me that has basically been sitting empty for twenty years. Then yesterday I am offered a dream rental deal. The whole thing still seems a little unreal, but sitting in the cottage today and figuring out where to place furniture put reality in to perspective. Now I just have to figure out just what I am willing to live with and what things simply have to be updated sooner rather than later. I haven’t heard back from my current landlord, but for now I am going to assume I have until June 1 to move out of here, little by little. This morning my friends Karen and Peter Baranowski met me at the cottage hand over the keys and go over some details. Shirley, Karen’s aunt and the owner of the property, lives next door every other month. But right now she is living at her sister’s home near Boston. The first of May, Shirley and her sister will both return here for a month. So, although Shirley will be my landlord, Karen and Peter, serve as her caretaker when she is here. So, for most things I will turn to Shirley, but for others, I will deal with Peter and Karen. Today’s job was to make decisions on what furniture is in the cottage that I will not need. That is most of it, so now we will have to check with Shirley to see if we can give it away or store it in the basement. Peter is also the unofficial handyman for the properties, so today he did some cutting back of encroaching bushes. There is a concrete slab with a storage building on it that I will be able to use. The view of the river from there is spectacular and this morning we got to watch the biggest Great Blue Heron I have ever seen look at us and then use those powerful wings to fly away. Beautiful. After Peter’s ‘clearing of the bushes’, the view from that spot is even better.

While I was at the cottage this morning I got a call from Heather. She was in gardening mode and was hoping to get more seeds started in planting trays today. The problem was that the seeds were at my house. It was almost lunch time anyway, so I went home to get lunch and the seeds and then headed back to Heather’s. I brought my lunch with me, so we had lunch, I made a run to the city dump to take some recycling, and then I went back to the cottage to do the serious measuring. Then ‘magically’ it was time to head home to prepare food for an event I was attending tonight. It was a Mix and Mingle Newcomers affair at the home of a fellow sailor. The fellow sailor, Lisa, lives in a condominium village and her home is lovely and perfect for entertaining. She even has a fireplace and sitting area in the kitchen. I loved that and it was wonderful spending the evening talking with friends about all manner of things. Life is good.