2018 Life Logs, Day 10—Chapter Two
Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Weather: Sunny, High 42, Low 20 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Just had a lovely evening with Jane Wooden. Bruce is out of town until Saturday, so we did a girls night out. Well, in and out. Jane invited me to dinner at her house and then we went out to the Cotuit Center for the Arts play reading of Neil Simon’s Chapter Two. The Center has free play readings on the second Wednesday of every month. And this play reading was delightful, and I got my first introduction to the Cotuit Center.

The rest of my day was spent going to the gym and coming home to winterize my little glass house. I call it that because the area of the apartment where I spend all of my time, the open living and dining area, is more glass than wall. The front wall has three floor-to-ceiling double sliders and the side walls are more window than wall. I love the openness and the view, but unfortunately all of those windows and doors leak like a sieve. I should have covered the glass with insulating plastic film in November, but that didn’t get done. So, this morning when I got home from the gym, I started cleaning all of those windows and then made great progress in getting them covered. But I still have more to go. Yesterday I got the Christmas tree taken down and gathered up all the other Christmas decorations. Hopefully I’ll get them packed away tomorrow and finish the window winterizing. That’s the goal. But I have to fit this in between a morning Newcomers monthly general meeting and picking Ollie up after school. Heather works in Boston tomorrow, but I’m hoping to hang around until she gets home so I can say hello. I haven’t seen her or Sam since I got home from Tennessee, and since Heather leaves on Friday morning and won’t be home until late Sunday, I’d like to touch bases with her.