2017 Life Logs, Days 128: Taking Care of Business
Date: Monday, May 8, 2017
Weather: Partly Cloudy, Windy; High 59 degrees F, Low 43
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Out of the last 97 days, since the first of February, I have actually been away from home one more day than I’ve been home—48 home and 49 away. And two of the weeks that I was home in March I was down and out with a terrible cold/sinus infection. So, it’s no wonder that I returned home from the Bahamas to a pile of papers that had piled up and needed to be gone through, filed, or thrown out. So that was my day today. I spent my time taking care of business. Going through the pile of papers and files reminded me that I still have lots of organizing to do for the Martin family gathering in June. In preparation for that gathering, I spent a great deal of time on family history research in March and April and I need to get back to that. Before leaving for the Bahamas, I was also trying to decide whether to stay in my present apartment for the next year or buy a home. It didn’t help that today the landlord payed me a visit and wanted me to sign a lease for the next year a month and a half early. He said everyone else in the complex is on a May 1 to May 1 contract and it would make him easier on him if I were on the same cycle. I told him I’d think about it and he left the papers to be signed. So now I have move quickly on that front. And then there are the eight days of Food Revolution interviews that I missed while I was gone. This is an internet-based annual ‘conference’ of sorts where experts on eating right to stay healthy speak for three hours each day. I listened to the Day 9 summary today, but now I need to find time to listen to the other 24 hours of interviews. The pile of papers is gone, but there’s still plenty to do. But I am taking time to get back into my classes at the gym. Today the class was 20-20-20. It was the instructor’s 40th birthday and she was bemoaning the fact that she is half way to 80. She has four decades to go while I have only one. Ouch!