2017 Life Logs, Day 94: Happy 10th Anniversary to Justin and Jo
Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Weather: Rainy; High 45, Low 39 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Happy 10th Anniversary to my son Justin and his soulmate, Jo. Justin and Jo are both deeply spiritual beings who live life with abandon. They were married on top of Eagle Rock in the San Rafael Hills near Los Angeles on April 4, 2007. Mark and I were in New Zealand couldn’t be there, but I remember loving the description Justin sent of the beautiful ceremony where they did a Celtic hand fasting. In their ten years together, they have loved, laughed, lived to the fullest and brought forth two beautiful children, Ziggy and Coco. I know their day today was not as happy as it should have been as they are all still mourning the loss of Coco’s puppy and best friend, Annabelle. She wandered off last Friday and they have found no clue as to her disappearance. Coco is heartbroken, as are all of them, but hopefully they found a way to add joy to their special day.

I continue to feel just a tad better each day, but still with symptoms. I’m waiting for that magic day when I feel totally healthy. But while waiting for that day, this morning I decided to get back on the family history trail. Digging into family history is one of my passions and but I don’t find a lot of time to continue the very meticulous research work in entails. But last night I read a comment on the Handleysail website that spurred a renewed interest. I post my logs on the website every night, but now that we are no longer sailing, I don’t check for comments very often. Last night I did and there was a request from someone in reference to the name of my father’s grandmother that I posted in a log on December 30, 2011. I had been searching on Ancestry.com on that day in 2011 and had just discovered my great-grandmother’s name for the very first time. My father’s family history has always been a mystery, so I was very excited on that day to find Indiana A. J. Epling Goodwin’s name. About a month ago, one of her decedents, Aaron, Googled her name and my reference to her in that log on December 30, 2011 came up. Aaron went to the Handleysail website, read my entry, and then sent a comment to me. Unbelievable. He actually thought that he (Aaron) was Indiana’s great-great grandson, but I called him today and at the end of a long and wonderfully informative conversation, I was able to fill in some of his missing information. The person that was his great grandfather was my father’s half-brother and my uncle. My father and his half-brother, Aaron’s great grandfather, were both the children of one of Indiana’s daughters, Fannie Elizabeth Catherine Goodwin. Aaron thought differently because his great grandfather was raised by Indiana, not by his mother, so census records put him in Indiana’s household. Long story short, Indiana ends up to be Aaron’s great-great-great grandmother and my great grandmother. Aaron and I will stay in contact and share information. Genealogy is nothing but complicated, but it is really exciting to find members of your family that you never knew existed.