Day 96, Year 11: Passage to FL, Day 7—Arrival in West Palm Beach
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Weather: Sunny, Hot (almost 80 degrees F); Wind 15-20 SE
Latitude: 26 42.673 N
Longitude: 080 02.893 W
Location: Anchored in West Palm Beach City Anchorage
Miles Traveled: 263 nautical miles @ 1:30 pm

Ah, warm weather at last. At least for one day. We arrived in the anchorage here in West Palm Beach at 1:30 this afternoon and the temperature was almost 80. The sun was shining, the palm trees were glistening in the sunshine, and there was plenty of room in the city anchorage for us. We were happy sailors. We are going to have rain and cooler temperatures starting tomorrow through Friday, but then it will warm up again. And cooler temperatures this time does not mean freezing, so we are fine with that. And we really hope it does rain as the boat is covered with salt and needs a good washing. How did the boat get covered with salt? Well, last night was a rowdy one. We had a 3-4 foot swell from the NE and 5-7 foot wind-driven waves from the SE causing confused seas. Of course, we were traveling SE and the 20 knots of SE wind was right on the nose. We were bucking the waves from the SE and once in a while a wave would hit us broadsided and spray the entire boat with salt water. It was an uncomfortable night, but not really rough. But the adverse winds did slow us down and delayed our arrival by a few hours. But we got here safely and are looking forward to sitting still for a bit.

160126 Day 96 Passage to Florida–Day 7, Arrival in West Palm Beach