Day 88, Year 11: Uncooperative Weather
Date: Monday, January 18, 2016
Weather: Sunny and Cold, High 44, Low 20 degrees F
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, SC

Some things never change and the weather being uncooperative is certainly one of those things. But then we are trying to sail down the southeast coast of the United States in late January when uncooperative weather is expected. We have spent our day trying to cobble together some sort of plan to get us from here to get us to Cumberland Island on the Florida/Georgia border. We need 48 hours and if we left tomorrow morning we could make it just fine. BUT the temperature tomorrow night is going to be colder than tonight. Both nights are forecast to be around 20 degrees F, plus or minus a degree or so. And we have decided that we really don’t want to be out at sea in temps like that. We are still toying with leaving on Wednesday morning, but if we do that we know we will have adverse winds starting Thursday night and going into Friday morning. If the forecast holds, we would make it in before it gets too bad. But if the stronger winds forecast for late Friday morning come a few hours earlier than expected, it would be tough going. Whatever we do, we need to sit still all day Friday and Saturday as it is going to be very windy. However, at this point, the weather on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday looks like the calm between storms with mostly no wind. At this time of year, no wind is better than too much wind. During this lull we could move on to West Palm Beach and sit out the next onslaught of bad weather there. The weather late next week looks really wicked and it would be nice to sit through it with warmer temperatures. We’ll do more weather checking in the morning and make our decision then. Or maybe we’ll just flip a coin!

We talked to our daughter Heather this evening and she reported that they did get snow on the Cape last night. Since there was no school today, the boys got to enjoy the little bit of snow they got. Sam’s birthday party was today and Heather said it was the easiest party she has ever hosted. Sam just wanted a few of his best buddies to come over and play Legos with no interruptions from younger brothers. The big boys played Legos upstairs quietly and then come down for lunch. Sam requested ribs, so ribs it was. And he also requested chocolate cupcakes instead of a fancy cake. Jonah and the little brother of one of Sam’s friends spent the morning out sledding on the slushy, icy snow and had a ball. The sleds went so fast down the hill in the backyard that the boys hit the fence a few times. This happened despite a barrier of fall leaves that had been left at the base of the fence for this purpose. Evidently Jonah has a few scratches on his face tonight from the sledding, but it was so much fun he didn’t really complain. Ollie opted for quieter indoor play, so it was an easy birthday celebration and everyone had a great time. Sam’s real birthday is on Thursday, so birthday wishes from Oma and Granddad will be forthcoming then.