Day 46, Year 11: Another Successful Day
Date: Monday, December 7, 2015
Weather: Mostly Sunny, Still Warm for December
Location: At Home with the Goldpebbles in East Falmouth, MA

We are holding our breath waiting for the ‘crash’, but so far so good with the boys. We had another incredibly successful day. We got the lunches packed and the boys all off to school without so much as a complaint. Whew! Sure hope every morning goes as smoothly.

This morning Mark took my old computer that crashed on the trip here from Myrtle Beach to Hyannis to a different computer repair place just to get a second opinion. And this afternoon we got a call saying the only problem was one of the two memory slots (and cards), not a crashed hard-drive and blown mother board as we were told when we took it into the repair shop here in Falmouth. The good news is that we should have the computer back in a day or so. The computer had 6 rams of memory in two slots, one with 4 rams and one with 2. The blown slot is the one with 2, so the computer will never be able to have the same memory capacity, but it will be usable. And all the data will be recovered. That was very welcome news. I drove Ollie to Woods Hole to school and shopped my way home buying more groceries and a few items for those crafts projects we’ll probably not get done. By the time I got everything I bought put away, ate lunch, and prepped the taco dinner for tonight, it was time to go back to pick Ollie up. I had to leave a little early to try to find Chanukah candles. We had enough candles to light the Menorah last night, but that was it. Of course it was the last place I checked that had the candles, so we are now set. Tonight when we started to light the candles Sam announced that we had not said the prayers last night. We have no idea what those are, so he suggested that we look it up on the computer. Then he started saying the prayers from memory, so no computer necessary! He has been working very hard at being a model big brother in his parents’ absence and I know they will be very proud of him when they read this. Jonah’s ear infection got instantly better with the antibiotic and he is also working hard at being a good brother. King Ollie is being a little demanding, so I’m just hoping that he’s not spoiled to death by the time Heather and Jed return. I tend to give into his demands just to keep the peace, even though I know I shouldn’t. On the other hand, I can tell he misses mommy in a different way from the older boys, so I don’t want to come down too hard on him. Or maybe that’s just how a grandmother rationalizes less than perfect behavior from an incredibly adorable three year-old grandchild.

Tomorrow is a short school day for Sam and Jonah. It is an early release day when the students are sent home so teachers can have the afternoon for professional development. We have no grand plans for the afternoon other than balancing play with projects. Some of the projects are Christmas-related and others are school-related. Jonah has a book report due and Sam has a school craft fair project and a science project due next week. We have had incredibly warm, sunny weather for this time of year in New England, but the forecast is for cooler weather with the possibility of rain tomorrow. So having lots to do inside sounds like a good plan.