Day 3, Year 11: Passage to Little River, SC—Quick Tour of NYC
Date: Sunday, October 25, 2015
Weather: Cloudy, Drizzly AM, Partly Sunny PM, Warm
Location: Anchored in Great Kills Harbor, Staten Island, NY

Early this morning we headed to shore to catch an express bus to Manhattan. I wish it had been as easy as that, but it wasn’t. We got on the 9:30 am bus and were told we had to have quarters or a Metro card to pay for the fare. We had neither. So we got off the bus and James and I left Mark at the bus stop and startled scrambling to find quarters or a card. We first walked back down to the waterfront but completely struck out there. So I sent James ahead to a Dunkin Donuts Mark had found by searching on his phone. I followed as fast as I could, but I knew he could walk faster. When I got to the bus stop near the Dunkin Donuts, the next bus was coming but James was nowhere in sight. He appeared just as the bus was leaving, successfully holding quarters in hand, so we walked the third of a mile back to the bus stop where we had left Mark and waited for the third bus. I guess three is a charm. An hour later we were on 59th Street at the southern end of Central Park and from there had a fantastic, albeit quick, tour of New York City. Central Park is gorgeous this time of year with the colorful leaves and I know we all wished we had time to walk in the Park, but we didn’t. Instead we started walking back toward the southern end of Manhattan. We walked down 5th Avenue amazed at all of the high end shopping opportunities. You name it, it is on 5th Avenue. I was particularly appalled by the gaudy jewelry display hanging on the outside of Tiffany’s. But then we came to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and soaked in its beauty. They were holding services while hundreds of people were walking in and out, so we joined the crowds. What an amazing structure. We went to Rockefeller Center where people were ice skating, walked past what must be the largest Lego store in the world (I have to come back here with the grandkids!), and down 50th Street to the Radio City Music Hall. We then walked to Times Square with all of its gaudy advertising boards and got on the subway to the 9/11 Memorial. We had lunch at O’Hara’s, an Irish pub right on the edge of the 9/11 area and then walked over to experience the pools where the north and south Trade Centers were once located. The new One World Trade Center building now hovers over them. It was quite a moving experience just being on the grounds. Hundreds of people were in very long lines waiting to get into the Museum, so we skipped that this time. But Mark and I will return and go through the Museum at another time. We then walked down to The Battery to the Staten Island Ferry terminal. The ferry is free and lots of people take advantage of it. It was sunny and warm by this time, so we had a wonderful ride back to Staten Island. It was a marathon of a day, but all of us really enjoyed it. And speaking of marathons, our daughter Heather ran in the Cape Cod Marathon and Relay in Falmouth this morning. She was part of a relay team and her job was to run a 6 mile stretch from West Falmouth into Woods Hole. She ran her 6 miles in 60 minutes, which was her goal, and felt really good about her performance. So congratulations, Heather!

When we got back to Windbird after our foray into the city, we were supposed to up anchor and take off on our 48 hour trek to Norfolk. The weather forecast indicated that we take off after sunset tonight, but Mark was tired and we decided to wait until morning to leave. He wavered on the decision, but I finally just said that we were going to stay put for tonight. This means that we will go into the Chesapeake Bay to Norfolk early on Wednesday morning when the winds will turn to be coming from the south and when it will probably be raining. But, in my opinion, the most important thing is for Mark to start off well rested. So we enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine, had a nice dinner, and everyone but me has been in bed for at least an hour. I guess it is time for me to fall in line and go to bed at the end of a really great day.

151025 Day 3 Passage to SC–Quick Tour of NYC