Day 290, Year 11: Wonderful Sail on Buzzards Bay
Date: Sunday, August 7, 2016
Weather: PERFECT
Location: At Home in The Studio #8, Falmouth, MA

Wow! We had a wonderful sail on Buzzards Bay this morning with Bruce and Jane Woodin. The weather was perfect—just enough wind, blue skies, and calm seas. Bruce and Jane’s boat is a Sandpiper 15-foot catboat made by Marshall Marine here in Massachusetts. It has a gaff-rigged main and is easy to sail. When they acquired the boat many years ago, its name was Poo, as in Winnie the Poo, and they kept that name. They have a mooring in beautiful West Falmouth Harbor and use a yacht club dinghy get out to the boat. When we arrived this morning, they went out to get Poo and bring her to the dock to return the dinghy and to pick us up. We started by motoring out of the harbor. Often they cannot take the boat out of the harbor as Buzzards Bay can be quite boisterous. But today conditions were just perfect. We set sail and had a most relaxing, easy sail. We were out about two hours and then came back in and sailed around the harbor for a bit. Thankfully Mark felt good this morning, but unfortunately as soon as we got home, he started having pains in his abdomen again. I think the solution to the pain is to just keep him out on the water. It was fantastic to be out there today. I know we have missed it, but I don’t think we realized just how much. Ed and Lynne Kirwin called while we were out sailing to see if we were enjoying it and to tell us that they were going sailing with friends on the Hudson River this afternoon. Bruce and Jane have offered to take us out again next weekend and hopefully things will work out so we can do that. Thank you so much, Bruce and Jane. It was a wonderful day.
00 Happy Sailors
Bruce and Jane were headed north to Stowe, Massachusetts this evening to take care of their twin grandchildren, A.J. and Jasper, when their daughter Kate goes to the hospital tomorrow morning to deliver the newest grandchild. We look forward to announcing the new arrival in tomorrow night’s log. Sure hope everything goes smoothly for Kate and new little one.