Day 287, Year 11: Gorgeous Weather
Date: Thursday, August 4, 2016
Weather: Another Beautiful Day; High 78 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio #8, Falmouth, MA

The big news of today was the weather. Yesterday and today have both been banner days—lots of sunshine, temps in the upper 70’s, no humidity—Cape Cod perfect. Heather returned from Nantucket and Jed took the afternoon off so they could both go to the beach with the boys. That allowed me to return home and spend the afternoon with Mark doing things that needed to be done like cutting Mark’s hair and making granola. In the late afternoon, I talked with good friend Jane Woodin and broke my pledge to do absolutely nothing socially until all of these plastic bins are unpacked. Bruce and Jane invited us to go to an event at the Falmouth Museums on the Green tonight and we decided to go–not so much because we wanted to go to the event, but because we really wanted to see Bruce and Jane. It was great to see them and we came back to our apartment to hear the last half hour of the Falmouth Town Band concert from across the harbor and to just talk and catch up on happenings. Thanks, Bruce and Jane, for jolting us out of our self-imposed hibernation.

Tomorrow we head to Boston at 5 am for Mark’s liver biopsy. I guess I’d better get to bed. It could be a looooooooong day!