Day 286, Year 11: Happy Thoughts About Boats
Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Weather: Beautiful Day, No Humidity; High 78 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio #8, Falmouth, MA

We talked to our son Justin this afternoon and he explained a photo that we saw on Facebook on Monday. It was a picture of our grandson Ziggy getting on a small sailboat called a Sunfish and the tag said, “Ziggy, keeping the Handley’s afloat. It’s a family tradition!” When we talked to Justin this afternoon he explained that Ziggy is taking sailing lessons and he’s loving it. This certainly elicited a big smile from Granddad and me. Justin was never in love with sailing. He would always rather be on a surfboard. Ziggy has followed in his father’s footsteps to this point and loves surfing. But evidently he has also inherited the sailing gene. Go, Ziggy!!!

160803 Day 286 Cape Cod, USA–Ziggy on Sunfish

And good luck to Justin. We found out in our conversation that Justin had just accidentally split open the entire length of his left index finger. Jo applied butterfly bandages and Justin was not planning on going to the Emergency Room. But he was in extreme pain and we are worried.

Today we received another photo, this one from Sam and Dawn, the young couple in the process of purchasing Windbird. They are spending the week on Windbird and today Sam was out and about in the dinghy. We assume Dawn got the great pic of Sam zooming through the harbor. Sam reported that after six months of dormancy, the dinghy engine started on the third pull. Of course, this was after having to cut off the lock that secured the motor to Windbird’s rail. We think we have the key, but we don’t know where. So Sam and Dawn were able to use the bolt cutters on the boat to cut off the lock.

160803 Day 286 Cape Cod, USA–Sam on Dinghy in Coquina Harbor

I don’t dare show this photo to our four year-old grandson, Ollie. Almost daily Ollie reminds us how much he misses driving Windbird’s dinghy. Hopefully before summer’s end we’ll get Ollie, and the rest of us as well, out on the water in some sort of boat.

I had a short day with the Goldpebbles today. Heather left for Nantucket today and Jed took the boys for the afternoon. Mark and I used the free time to do some hardware and grocery store shopping and then came home to spend the evening together. Heather returns mid-day tomorrow and I think she plans on taking possession of the Goldpebbles once she gets home. So Mark and I might have another afternoon together. Then on Friday we head to Boston for yet another biopsy. Once we have the results of this biopsy, we should be able to make a decision on what the next treatment will be for Mark.

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