Day 280, Year 11: Ride on the Cape Cod Central Railroad
Date: Thursday, July 28, 2016
Weather: Even Hotter; High 90 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio #8, Falmouth, MA

It was a great day for a ride on the Cape Cod Central Railroad. The temperature outside was hot, but the train cars are air-conditioned so we could enjoy the beauty in comfort. The ride went from Hyannis to Bourne which takes you along the northern shore of Cape Cod following the Cape Cod Canal. Before you get to the Canal, you ride through an area of salt marshes along the Cape Cod Bay. It is really beautiful and the train ride made it easy to see. Sam, Jonah, and Ollie loved the ride and were such good kids. Thank you to Mary Ellen and Lee for taking us all on the ride.

Last night I forgot to mention any thing about Mark’s procedure at Mass General yesterday. He went to have fluid removed from around his lungs and it was a super quick and easy process. He went in at 10:30 am and was out by 11:07. They extracted about a liter of fluid but it doesn’t seem to be helping with his shortness of breath issue. Tomorrow, Mary Ellen and Lee will once again drive him to Boston for a biopsy that will require an endoscopy. This means he will have to be sedated, so it will be a longer day. He goes in at 11:30 am but probably will not be out until 2:30 pm. That will put them right in the midst of Friday afternoon traffic headed to the Cape. I am so thankful that ME and Lee are here to help out with these Boston trips. They leave on Saturday morning, so I’ll be on my own once again.

Once again, it is late and all the things I wanted to write about last night are going to have to wait another day or so. When we returned from the train ride, we took the boys back home and I fixed dinner there for all of us. Heather had to work tonight and Jed was still out of town. After dinner Mark, ME, and Lee drove home while I stayed with the boys. I laid down with Ollie when I put the boys to bed and went right to sleep myself. Jed got me up when he got home at 10 o’clock. I drove straight home and got to see the last of Chelsea’s introduction of her mother and Hillary’s whole speech. Sure glad the conventions are over and we can get back to an earlier bedtime schedule.