Day 270, Year 11: Fun with Grandkids; Challenge on the Home Front
Date: Monday, July 18, 2016
Weather: Fog Early, Then Mix of Sun and Clouds; High Temp 88 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio #8, Falmouth, MA

Camp Oma was in full swing today. I had lots of fun with the grandkids, but there was a challenge on the home front. Mark woke up this morning with a very bad cold. It was a total surprise attack and it hit hard. When the boys and I returned from the beach for lunch, Mark was still in bed and even our noise didn’t wake him up. But before we left, he did get up to acknowledge that the cold was no better. When I returned at the end of the day, he did seem to have rallied a bit, but he had only moved from the bed to his lounge chair. Hopefully he can recover quickly as his sister Mary Ellen and her husband Lee arrive this Thursday or Friday. But for now, this ‘doctor’ prescribes lounge chair rest. We had planned to attend a talk tonight by a family that sailed around the world. The focus of their talk was to be their experience with Muslims while sailing through Indonesia. We didn’t get to attend the talk, but I can’t imagine that their experiences in Indonesia were anything but positive. Ours certainly were. We had planned to attend the talk with Bruce and Jane Woodin, so hopefully they will be able to share with us what the speakers had to say.

This morning Sam, Jonah, Ollie, and I had a lot of fun at the beach. While Sam, and then Jonah, had their swim lessons, Ollie transformed himself into Luke Skywalker and sculpted quite a nice X-wing fighter plane in the sand. After Jonah’s swim lesson, he joined Ollie and sculpted his own fighter plane. Magically, Jonah become Luke Skywalker and Ollie turned into Hans Solo. While all of this was going on, Sam played with a friend from his swim class, Shane. Shane’s father, Matt, came over and introduced himself. The family is from Dover, New Hampshire, but have a summer home here in Falmouth. Shane and Sam built a formidable fort down by the water and spent a lot of time swimming and diving. At one point Sam came running to tell me that he had seen a big fish on one of his dives and he swore it looked like a parrot fish without teeth. Not sure what he saw, but he was very excited. After the beach, we had a late lunch at the apartment, played with Legos, and then I took the boys home to play outside. But instead, they decided that they wanted to drag the big Legos, Duplo, out of the basement and play with those. We spent the rest of afternoon building a Duplo village.

160718 Day 270 Cape Cod, USA–Fun with Grandkids

Tomorrow is another Camp Oma day and it will probably be a repeat of today. I hope the only exception to that is Mark’s condition. Hopefully he will be feeling much better tomorrow. And tomorrow is the second scheduled haul-out of Windbird for a bottom survey. Last week’s attempt was thwarted as the haul-out location was too shallow. Here’s hoping tomorrow goes smoothly. Once the bottom survey is completed, the prospective buyers, Sam and Dawn, will make a final decision about purchase. Stay tuned.