Day 242, Year 11: Solstice, Full Moon, and Happy People
Date: Monday, June 20, 2016
Weather: Beautiful Day, Very Windy; High Temp 76 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Tonight the full strawberry moon coincided with summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Add to that two very happy people settling into their new home and you have a great beginning to the summer. We made some progress today in terms of unpacking boxes. We’re going for the ‘slow but sure’ approach. We had Ollie with us for the afternoon and once we took him home, we continued the unpacking into the evening.

We really are loving it here, but being right on the water means that it is cooler than a few blocks inland. And today it was super windy making sitting on the deck just a little chilly. One part of the deck is protected from the wind, so I set Ollie up to play in that area. If the wind continues, I’ll encourage Mark to move his chair to that area of the deck as well. But today he put together a steel and glass desk that belongs to Justin. We got it out of the storage unit and will use that to house our computers.

Tomorrow we have Ollie all day and will mix play with unpacking more of these boxes. The more I unpack, the more I am amazed by the amount of storage we had on Windbird. The owner of this apartment complex came to visit yesterday. He took a look around and asked, “Was all of this stuff on your boat?” Since he was only looking at the boxes stored in the dining area I could reply with a definite ‘yes’. And I must admit that it is really hard to believe that a 42’ sailboat could hold this much. Now the daily challenge is to find a place to store it in this apartment. We are so grateful to have the chest and dresser given to us by Alan and Helaine Kanegsberg. Having a place to put clothes is such a luxury. And the entertainment center that we bought at the Restore for $50 was such a good deal. It was just what we needed to hold all of the extra food from a well-provisioned Windbird. I’m going to call it our garage.