Day 215, Year 11: No School for Jonah
Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Weather: Overcast with Drizzle, High 59 degrees F
Location: At Home with the Goldstones, East Falmouth, MA

Jonah spiked a fever in the middle of the night, so there was no school for him again today. Since we were going to be here, it made no sense for Heather or Jed to stay home with him. So he stayed with us. He felt fine all day today, so hopefully his ear infection is on the mend. I spent my day doing quiet things with Jonah and Mark spent his day reading. He had another good day. We’re not exactly sure what has changed things so drastically, but we are most grateful. Right now Mark is on an anti-nausea med every eight hours. This is the same anti-nausea med that made him nauseous in past weeks. The only difference is that he is now taking dexamethasone, a steroid, early every morning. We tried this before but took it later in the morning. That allowed him to sleep-in, but it kept him from going to sleep at night. Taking it at 7 am, it doesn’t seem to be affecting him at night. So we are assuming that this is the magic pill that is allowing him to feel a hundred per cent better than he has in past weeks.

We head to Mass General tomorrow. We are anxious to get the detailed results of last week’s CT scan, but we dread changing his schedule for the day for fear that the nausea will return. He has to fast from midnight tonight until almost noon tomorrow and that most assuredly will make his nauseous. But we can hope.