Day 206, Year 11: Continuing the Journey
Date: Sunday, May 15, 2016
Weather: Partly Cloudy and Much Cooler
Location: At Home with the Goldstones, East Falmouth, MA

The journey from being cruising live-aboards to becoming land-based people continues. We are making progress and today we made a giant step in that direction. We transferred our first load of “stuff” from Windbird to a land-based storage unit. It was hard day on Mark, so as soon as we unloaded and arrived at Heather and Jed’s, he just had to sleep for a couple of hours. But he was able to eat dinner and this evening he feels great. Let’s just hope he has the energy to repeat this next Saturday when we move furniture from Lowell to the Cape.

This journey from sea to land started in February when, instead of heading to the Bahamas as planned, we had to turn around and sail north. We got ourselves from Florida to Cape Cod with the help of our friend Kevin Russell. Then my niece Lynn offered her unoccupied condo as a temporary home for us. It was a very generous offer and we have enjoyed our time there. Today we met our friends Heather and Jon Turgeon who brought a trailer load of our personal belongings from Windbird in South Carolina. We switched the trailer from their SUV to our rented U-Haul truck, had a fabulous lunch with them at the Blue Ribbon Barbecue in Newton, Massachusetts, and then headed to the Cape. We were met at the new storage unit by Jed, Jonah, and Ollie, and we unpacked the trailer contents into the storage unit. Hurray! This was one big step toward becoming land-based. Unfortunately, there are many steps to go, but one step at a time, and with the help of many wonderful friends and family, we will make it. Tonight we once again want to thank Lynda and Lee Kaufman for packing up all of our things from Windbird, getting that huge amount of stuff to a storage unit, and then packing about half of it into the trailer we received today. My nephew Tommy’s son, Ryan, helped with the trailer packing, and then Heather and Jon so gallantly volunteered to haul the trailer north for us. Now we just have to figure out how to get the other half here.

160515 Day 206 Massachusetts–Heather, Jon, and the U-Haul Trailer