Day 204, Year 11: Mark Visits NHPR
Date: Friday, May 13, 2016
Weather: Overcast with Sprinkles
Location: Back at Evergreen Preserve, Lowell, MA

Maybe because it was Friday the 13th or more probably because Mark’s morning routine was disrupted by travel, Mark spent a great deal of the day either nauseous or very sleepy. But regardless, he felt like he had a good day. At 10 am we headed to New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) where Mark was being interviewed for an NHPR history project. I stayed in the car and wrote emails for the almost two hours he was inside the station. I enjoyed the time to catch up on email correspondence and Mark really enjoyed visiting the station. When he was finished, Scott McPherson walked out to the parking lot with him. Mark hired Scott in the mid-1990’s to produce NHPR’s first call-in radio program with Laura Knoy, and both Scott and Laura are still there. They are the longest standing employees at the station, both with 20 years of service. Soon after Mark and Scott emerged from the building, Laura came out to say hello to Mark. And then Betsy Gardella, the president and CEO of NHPR that followed Mark, came out on her way to a meeting and it was wonderful to see the four of them interacting.

160513 Day 204 Cape Cod, USA–Visit to NHPR

It was unfortunate that Mark had been nauseous all morning, but he did make it through the interview and was glad he had done it. After the gang of four completed their conversation in the parking lot, Mark and I headed back to Alan and Helaine Kanegsberg to pick up a couple of mirrors that accompany some bedroom furniture they are giving to us for our new apartment. Mark didn’t feel like eating much, but while we were at Alan and Helaine’s he did have some of our granola that we had brought with us.

We got home around 2 o’clock and my sister-in-law Sue and her husband Brad came by to visit. We usually visit with them in Boynton Beach in Florida, but they come up to spend their summers in Kennebunkport, Maine. They arrived this week and drove over today to visit with their daughters, my nieces Lynn and Candi, and with us. Unfortunately Mark was exhausted and simply had to lie down and rest while they were here. Then when they left, he actually slept for about two hours. When he got up, he felt much better. Tomorrow will be a quiet day at home and hopefully when is back into his daily routine, he will feel much better.