Day 180, Year 11: Busy Day
Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Weather: Mostly Sunny and Much Cooler, High 62 degrees F
Location: At Home in Evergreen Preserve, Lowell, MA

It was a busy day. I left here at 10:15 am to go pick up my niece and head into Boston to try and sell her boxes and boxes of books. Even though the majority of the books were first editions and many were rare books, the downtown Boston used bookstore was not interested in any of them. The gentleman who went through the boxes did not think we would find a used bookstore that would buy them. We tried one more store, a little closer to home, and they bought a few but certainly not enough to make it worth continuing to try and find other places that might be interested. So Lynn decided to take the books to the Billerica Public Library and donate them. This is the town where she grew up and where her sister Candi lives, so it made sense to donate them there. I hauled the boxes out of the van and then Lynn hauled them into library on a dolly and somewhere in that process, she started feeling shaky. As soon as we were finished at the library, we headed out to get something to eat, but by this time, Lynn was visibly shaking and feeling very sleepy. I tried to get her to come home with me or let me take her to her sister’s house, but she insisted on going home. When I dropped her off, I could tell she was getting worse, so I called her sister Candi. Long story short, Lynn is in the hospital for observation tonight as the doctors try to figure out what is wrong. Thankfully Candi had the foresight to go check on her immediately after I called her. Hopefully it is nothing too serious. Lynn, we are thinking of you and hoping that whatever happened today was just a temporary glitch.

160419 Day 180 Cape Cod, USA–Books

I rushed home after dropping Lynn off at her apartment in order to meet the realtor here at this condo. She was returning this afternoon to take photos and Mark had done a great job of doing the last tidying for the photos. The condo should be online tomorrow and hopefully a buyer will be found quickly. For the photos, the realtor wanted the kitchen counters to be completely cleared and they basically need to stay that way for subsequent showings. Living in a place while it is for sale is tricky business. You need to keep everything ready to show at a moment’s notice. The realtor promised that we will get a text at least an hour or two before a showing, but this means things really need to be kept ship shape until it sells. I’m already growing fond of the totally clear kitchen counters. Maybe this is something I can continue to do even after leaving here. Well, not totally clear, but certainly not crowded with ‘stuff’. Mark and I also took time for a nice walk up to the pond to check on the wildlife. It is nice to take time to appreciate common birds like Canadian geese and Mallard ducks. When you see them up close it is hard not to marvel at their beauty. And those beavers actually showed themselves to me this evening. I loved watching them ply the waters using their tails as rudders. Spectacular.

160419 Day 180 Cape Cod, USA–Wildlife

Tomorrow we leave here and head to Cape Cod. Heather and Jed are not home, but we are going down to stay at their place for a night or so. On Thursday we sign the contract for the apartment we will be renting. Tomorrow I will take Mark down and then I will head back to Rhode Island to pick bees up for Heather. The bees were supposed to arrive last week and Heather drove all the way there to find out the delivery had been postponed to this Wednesday. While I am driving to pick up the bees, Mark will work on getting the hive ready. We’ll also try to find time to commune with the Max and Mortimer, the guinea pigs. I’m sure they are missing the boys. We are a poor substitute, but we will try.