Day 176, Year 11: Exhausting Hospital Day
Date: Friday, April 15, 2016
Weather: Mostly Sunny Day—Frost on the Windshield Early AM
Location: At Home in Evergreen Preserve, Lowell, MA

It was an exhausting day at the hospital. We left here at 5:45 am and returned at 7 pm. Mark slept through most of the day, but we did take a few walks within the hospital to visit the Healing Garden and the Atrium—spots of serenity in a huge hospital like Mass General. When we got home, Mark was feeling nauseous and could eat only a tiny bit of dinner before going bed. When we got home from the Cape last night, we had a couple of Amazon deliveries. One was an infuser and some peppermint oil. Mark thinks I have lost my mind, but credible sources say infusing the peppermint scent in the air can reduce nausea. I sure hope it works for Mark.

Earlier today I was certain we had made up our minds about our housing choice and it was the apartment on Falmouth Harbor. Then tonight we got an email from the owners of the rustic house in the woods with an offer that would be hard to refuse. But even though it would be a much better deal financially, both of us are still tending toward the apartment that feels like being in a boat on a dock. We really miss Windbird. We’ll have to name that apartment Landbird.