Day 17, Year 11: Rainy and Cool
Date: Sunday, November 8, 2015
Weather: Rain All Day, High in the 60’s F
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, SC

Last night it started sprinkling around 10:30 pm and by midnight it was pouring. But that didn’t keep Mark, my niece Jennifer, my nephew Tommy, and me from sitting in the cockpit and talking the night away. As the bewitching hour of midnight approached Mark went to bed, but not before encouraging Tommy to call Marilou and tell her he would spend the night on Windbird. It was just too nasty to think about going outside. So Tommy did decide to stay and he, Jennifer, and I continued talking until almost 3 am. When we did go to bed, I told Tommy and Jennifer that they were not allowed to get up until 10 am, but Mark was up early and by 8:30 am we were all up and about. And by this time, Mark had walked to the McDonald’s at the head of the harbor and brought back much needed coffee for everyone. He doesn’t drink coffee, so it was especially nice of him to think of us. Tommy talked to Marilou and she related that Bob and Ginny wanted all of us to come there for breakfast. They live only a mile or so from here, so it didn’t take us long to get there. We had a wonderful breakfast and had lots of time to just sit and talk. It was almost 1 pm by the time we all got motivated to travel on. Tommy and Marilou were driving back to Charlotte and Jennifer was driving back to Wilmington to spend the day with her son Jacob and daughter Jessica. And Mark and I drove away as well. Tommy and Marilou insisted that we take their old Suburban that Ryan is using. He is living with Bob and Ginny right now and they have two cars in addition to the Suburban, so we took them up on their offer. It will be nice to have a way to get to the store this week. In fact, before we returned to Lightkeepers, we made the mandatory trip to West Marine to pick up a couple of items and stopped at the grocery store to get laundry detergent. Jennifer took us to the store after dinner last night, but I forgot that one very important item. We spent a quiet afternoon on the boat as it had continued to rain all day and into this evening. We actually have a heater going in the boat tonight. The temperature was in the 80’s yesterday but only in the 60’s today and in the 50’s tonight. It is not really cold, but the quick change and the dampness make it feel colder than it really is. A chance of rain is forecast for the next couple of days, but the daytime highs should be back in the 70’s. We’ll enjoy the warm weather while we have it. We fly back to Boston on Friday night and I’m sure it is not going to be in the 70’s there!