Day 139, Year 11: Dinner with Friends
Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Weather: Sunny and 80 degrees F!!!
Location: At Home in Evergreen Preserve, Lowell, MA

It was 80 degrees here today. Wahoo!!! But otherwise today was quiet until about 2:30 pm when I got a call from friend Tom Porat. I had just sent an email to Tom and to Detta giving them directions for getting here for dinner tomorrow night. Tom called to say that they thought they were coming to dinner tonight. Evidently Detta had sent a text yesterday asking to change the dinner date to this evening. I totally missed that text, so the mix-up was totally my fault. I told Tom I’d pull things together and we’d be ready when they got here at 5:30 pm. But getting ready meant going to the store to buy the fish for dinner. Should be easy, right? Wrong. The Google Maps app on my phone could not connect, so I had to drive from here to the supermarket in Nashua, NH, from memory. We’ve only driven the backroads to there one time and I got ‘a little lost’ on the way there. But I was able to figure it out after only a couple of wrong turns. The trip home was not so easy, however. I got really lost and finally had to stop and ask a young couple to help me. Unfortunately, they were visiting in Lowell and had no idea how to help me. It was a very warm afternoon and everyone had their car windows rolled down. A guy in a car that rolled up to the stop sign heard my plea and told me to follow him. This guy was straight out of the 1950’s—white t-shirt with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve. Haven’t seen that for years. This kind man drove way out of his way to get me on the right path. Thank you, Mr. 1950’s!

So I did find my way home and I got dinner under control. Tom and Detta arrived and we had a great evening together. It is so nice to be close enough to get together with our New Hampshire friends. And speaking of friends, thanks to those of you who sent emails of support to us after reading last night’s log about putting Windbird on the market. I think our son Justin pegged the problem when he said, “It is good to be sad about moving on to a new part of life – means you’ve been having a great time.” And a good time we have been having living aboard Windbird for the past twelve years. And then our daughter Heather emailed telling us that the Goldstones will do their best to make life on land “as much fun as possible.” No need to be sad with promises like that.