Day 38, Year 6 Catching Up
Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Weather: Partly Sunny, Hot and Humid, Strong NE Winds
Location: Tuzi Gazi Marina, Richards Bay, South Africa

Happy December! We can’t believe we have been here for a month and that it is already December. But it is, and that means we are one month closer to seeing our kids and grandkids in April in the Caribbean. So that is a good thing. We have lots of things we would like to see in South Africa as we head south around the Cape, but right now our main goal is St. Martin in April to reunite with our kids.

Have you ever seen a dog run in circles trying to catch its tail? That’s how I feel right now. We have been running ever since we returned from Kruger and finally today, I got to spend the day editing photos. But those photos were taken a week ago and thus the feeling that I am chasing my tail. After editing the five days in Kruger down to 600 photos, I was able to pull out 90 photos that are the best of the best. Right now Mark is linking those to the website, so if you are interested in seeing Kruger photos, go back to the log for Day 33 (November 26) entitled Home Again, Home Again. There you will find the best 90 photos from Kruger. Eventually I will get the logs and photos for the individual days posted, but right now I am just celebrating getting the Best of the Best done. I didn’t include any photos from the Blyde River Canyon, so I will work on those next. It is truly a beautiful corner of the world and I want to share that beauty with you.

We returned the rental car today, so from here on out we are either walking or taking a taxi. We did a couple of early morning fuel runs to get diesel to fill our one empty fuel tank before returning the car. Now all we should need are fresh fruits and veggies. It is only 4 kilometers to the shops at Meerensee so we can walk to there. But if the weather cooperates, we won’t need to do that. Once we get all our parts back that are in for repair, we will look for that weather window and head south.