Day 178, Year 10: Fuel, Water, Food . . . and Weather
Date: Monday, April 6, 2015
Weather: No Change–Sunny, Temp in the 80’s, Winds SE 10
Location: At Anchor in Palm Beach, Florida

Fuel . . . Water . . . Food . . . Yep, we’re getting ready for our trek back to South Carolina and we spent today going to a fuel dock to get fuel and water and then coming back to our same anchoring spot. We then headed to shore and hopped on the free trolley to the only grocery store within walking or trolley distance. It is a Publix, the biggest supermarket chain down here, but this one calls itself a boutique shop. And small it is. Small would be fine, but the produce is never very good and the meat is really expensive. So after making the trip to buy ground beef to make meatloaf for the passage, we came home without it. It was going to cost more than $25 to make a meatloaf, so I decided we’ll eat something else. Mark’s sister, her husband, and Mark’s brother arrive tomorrow and they will have a car. Surely we can drive to a store that has a better selection and hopefully better prices!

Now for the weather part. It is just not cooperating. We thought we might have a four-day window that would allow us to get all the way to South Carolina, but it looks like that window is shutting. It is too early to be sure, but at this point, it looks like we might just get a 24-hour window outside which would get us to Cape Canaveral. So we will still leave here on Thursday afternoon and will arrive there Friday afternoon. Some ugly, squally, stormy weather is expected, so we would then travel on the inside in the Intracoastal doing day hops to the Florida-Georgia border. Another cold front is expected to exit the coast on Tuesday, bring more adverse weather. If we find ourselves near the Florida-Georgia border with bad weather, we will just wait there until another window opens allowing us to go outside to South Carolina. It is only two days from there, so hopefully sometime next week we will get there. It is really a shame that we couldn’t leave today. That would have allowed us to go all the way in one hop. But Mark needs to have a cancer treatment before we leave and changing an appointment at the Holy Cross Hospital seems to take an act of Congress. And even then, you can’t be sure the change has really been made as we found out when Mark flew back for his treatment from the Bahamas. So we didn’t dare call to ask for a change. We’ll just deal with whatever weather we get. For now, we just need to get ready to have fun with Mary Ellen and Lee and Steve. We’ll continue to get ready to go and worry about the weather later.

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