2018 Life Logs, Day 73–Touring Finca Maravilla with Z&C
Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2018
Weather: Most Sunny; High 89, Low 71 degrees F
Location: At Home with Justin, Jo, Ziggy, and Coco in Rincon, PR

When Sam and Dawn were here, Ziggy and Coco walked us around the property. But Ziggy wanted to do a more in-depth tour and today was the day. We decided to turn it into a home school book writing experience. My job was to take the photographs that Ziggy directed and then when we finished the tour his job was to write about the photographs. We started that process, but we took 81 photographs and Ziggy after an hour or so of writing, Ziggy decided that was enough for today. We will have to continue over the weekend as tomorrow we go down south to meet Windbird. I got a SPOT report from Windbird this afternoon showing that they made it to Gilligan’s Island today. We will drive to the small town of Guanica and Sam will pick us up in the dinghy. Gilligan’s’ Island is part of the Guanica Biosphere Reserve and it is the perfect place to go snorkeling and swimming. Jo has a morning appointment in Mayaguez, so we will all drive to Mayaguez and when she is finished, we will head to Guanica. And on Friday morning before kids come for Soul Food Friday, we will continue working on our book project.

Jo and Coco went into town this morning to get the mail and they brought home a surprise. The third and fourth graders at Jonah and Ollie’s elementary school took up a collection for Jonah’s cousins, Ziggy and Coco, after Hurricane Maria. The Home Depot and Amazon gift certificates arrived today with the sweetest card (designed by Jonah) with signatures from all the students. There are still so many projects to be done and their contribution was much appreciated. Then we got another surprise. Just before I left for town this afternoon, the water came on. Ziggy immediately started filling the water buckets for the animals, but unfortunately it didn’t stay on long enough to get the pool filled. We use the pool water for flushing the toilets and washing the dishes, so the water level is slowly going down. This after was a school afternoon for Z & C and students were arriving here for lesson with Jo, so I headed to the café in town that has free internet to book a flight home and catch up on correspondence. Unfortunately, by the time I got to town, the electricity was out and the café was closed. About that time, Justin called to say the electricity was out at his office, so he was heading to a nearly bakery that also free internet. So I spent the afternoon there. My AT&T phone signal is just gone today, so I called Heather on Skype to see how she is doing. Other than a tall jack pine in the backyard that seems to be leaning further towards the back neighbor’s property than it was before the storm and the fact that Sam went sledding today and went right into a pond head first, all is well there. Let’s just hope that tree doesn’t fall and Sam doesn’t sled into any more ponds! My next door neighbor checked in with me today to let me know that other than no electricity, no internet, and no running water, things are fine at my apartment. Good time to be away. But back to things here, the electricity is back on tonight and the water came back an hour or so ago. The running water is much harder to do without than the electricity in my opinion, so I hope it is back on for good.