2018 Life Logs, Day 124—Not a Lot of Progress
Date: Friday, May 4, 2018
Weather: Partly Cloudy; High 60, Low 54 degrees F
Location: At Home in the Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

There was not a lot of progress made today in terms of unpacking and organization. It was one of those days when everything I went to do was harder than anticipated . . .assembling IKEA purchases, turning the existing IKEA wardrobe into a pantry, hanging lamps and grow lights for the flats of garden plants, even buying another rug at Job Lot was problematic. Then at 3 pm, I got a call for help from Heather that saved me from further frustration with projects that weren’t working just right. Unfortunately, the reason Heather needed help was that Ollie hit his head on a fire extinguisher during PE class. They were running races and he ran with great speed right into the extinguisher that grazed the top of his head. He is fine, but it bled profusely which scared him. The principal had difficulty getting in touch with either Heather or Jed as both were out of their offices working on special projects and didn’t have their phones with them. When Heather got back to her office, she got the message and dropped everything to go pick him up. In the meantime, the school nurse and the kindergarten teacher’s aide took good care of him. Once she got him home and cleaned up, it appeared that he was just fine, no concussion. But she had to go back to work and Jed had to get Sam ready for a two-day Scout camp-out. So I gladly went over to cook an early dinner for Sam and Jed as they had to leave before normal dinner time. Ollie requested chili and mac and cheese, so that’s what I fixed. Ollie was fine, but we tried to encourage quiet activities for the evening . . . no jumping on the trampoline next door. He took all of this in stride and thankfully he does seem to be fine other than the scrape on the top of his head.

Tomorrow afternoon I am on Oma duty with Ollie and Jonah and on Monday morning Heather has hernia surgery and I will me mom duty. She has the same kind of hernia that Justin had just above the belly button, but her surgeon says he will be able to make repairs laparoscopically which will make rehab a whole lot easier. Let’s hope that is the case. Then on Tuesday afternoon I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to get an official recommendation about my left knee. All of this means that the ‘settling in’ process is going to be slowed down for a few days. If I don’t go into the two spare bedrooms, the cottage looks just fine. Those two rooms and the basement are a mess, but I’m just going to ignore that for a few days and enjoy time with family.